Shanti Home™ Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp
Shanti Home™ Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp
Shanti Home™ Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

Shanti Home™ Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

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Lamp "Moon" is a unique lamp using electromagnetic levitation

The "moon" hovers freely over a wooden base and smoothly rotates around its own axis. It has a meditative, calming effect and attracts the attention of the beholder. The lamp emits a light white light and will ideally serve as a night lamp or interior decoration. Such a lamp-night light will be an ideal and creative gift for relatives, friends and colleagues. The ball is made of harmless PLA plastic. The lamp is turned off and on using a touch button located on a wooden platform.
The moonlight creates a magical atmosphere, as do some interior lamps. This is a unique lamp that will enchant everyone with its originality when entering the room. You can choose from two color tones: white or yellow, and you can set any light intensity as needed. Therefore, it will serve not only as a decoration, but also as a full-fledged night light for evening lighting or reading. The lamp uses an energy-saving LED lamp, ensuring long-term operation even in everyday use.

-Combines elegant design and innovative developments of modern technologists
-Lamp stand made of precious wood
-Thanks to the action of the electromagnetic field, the lamp soars in the air, bewitching and attracting attention.
-The slow rotation of the lamp has a calming effect and has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.
-The charger and stand that creates an electromagnetic field are completely silent and do not irritate the hum of electricity
-The moon will perfectly fit into any interior, whether it is an open space of a large office, a manager's office or your own apartment.
-The moon can be used as an illuminated interior object or a night light


-The ball is made of harmless PLA plastic.
-Long life LED lamp.
-Soft white glow.
-Platform with touch on/off button.
-Low power consumption
-Power cut protection.


Base color: Dark color, Light color (optional)
Material: PLA
Diameter: 140mm
Light source type: LED
Light color: white, warm white, yellow (adjustable)
Lamp power: 3W
Suspension distance: 15mm
Package weight: 1197g / 2.6lb

Package Include:

-Touch button platform
-Mains power adapter
-User's Manual