Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp
Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

Shanti Home™ Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Showcased in eye-catching crackled glass bowls brimming with natural Himalayan salt crystals, these air-purifying lamps bring a soothing, amber glow into your bedroom, home office or nursery

Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

The salt lamp will become not only a wonderful element of the interior, but also a soft natural ionizer that will bring beauty, harmony and health to your home. When heated, the salt from which the lamp is made releases negatively charged ions, which make the air cleaner and fresher

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Air purifying benefits of rock salt include relief from migraine headaches, increased levels of serotonin in the blood, reduced severity of asthma attacks, boosted immune system, and decreased vulnerability to colds and flu

Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

According to Feng Shui, a salt lamp is an irreplaceable thing. In this ancient philosophy, salt is considered an element of cleansing space and protecting it from negative influences from outside. Such lamps and candlesticks are very popular among Feng Shui fans as a source of bringing healthy energy, love and life luck into the house.

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Light source type: incandescent lamp, LED
Shade material: glass
Power cord: USB interface 1.5 meters