Little Bull Night Light silicone
Little Bull Night Light silicone 2
Little Bull Night Light silicone

Shanti Home™ Bull Night Light

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 Honest, Brave and Strong Little Bull Night Light

Silicone night light in the shape of a little bull character will appeal to every child and even an adult! Soft and pleasant to the touch, the night light will become a favorite toy and the main source of light at night. This original version of the night light is absolutely safe, because the product has no sharp small parts and no smell

Little Bull Night Light

A charming night light in the shape of a little bull will certainly please your baby, it will perfectly fit into the interior of a children's room and create additional light

Little Bull Night Light on the table

The product is completely safe for people and pets, does not heat up and emits a soft light that does not irritate the eyes. Serves as a light guide in the dark and creates an atmosphere of fabulousness, magic, friendliness and safety in the children's room. The material from which the lamp is made - hypoallergenic silicone, will give you the most delicate sensations

Little Bull Night Light 2

Product information

Shade material: silicone

Dimensions: 120*101*94 (mm)

Charging time: about 2 hours