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Shanti Home™ Calm Capsule

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Lose yourself in the eternal presence

Art brings peace and joy within its presence! By moving sand slowly it creates a dynamic interchanging scene, resembling a landscape far away from your home!
The view never gets dull, when you want a chance just flip the circle to begin the process all over again.

Quicksand Painting Living Room Decoration

In a few hours, the view will be totally different from the last!
Timeless and tranquil Calm Capsule can take you away into a far better place! Enrich your home with an art piece you’ll always enjoy watching!

Why this Capsule is for you?

Calm your senses - Let time sweep away all your troubles, lose yourself in the magnificent scenes the falling sand creates with each passing minute!
Endless horizons - When your sculpture is complete just flip the circle and watch a whole new dynamic landscape being created in front of your eyes!
Enrich your atmosphere - Come closer to the distant corners of the world while relaxing at home with a timeless piece of excellence!
Calm Capsule is the ultimate choice - You don’t have to choose how your décor should look, leave it to Sand Capsule to pick the best view for your surroundings!

Quicksand Painting Living Room Decoration colorful

Whenever you want to feel relaxed, just stare at this Quicksand Painting Living Room Decoration, you will definitely feel the satisfaction and relaxation while staring at this one-of-a-kind room décor!

Sand Art Picture

A strong, durable, delicate, and thick acrylic base can be placed anywhere. Such as home, room, office, hotel, and coffee bar. Widely usage anywhere.

Sand Art Picture

The clear glass frame gives a better sight of the beauty. Ideal perfect for living room, bedroom decoration, and home or as an amazing gift for your friend and yourself. It is also a perfect gift for weddings and festivals.

Every scene is special and unique. Rotating the frame, enjoying the sight of the combination of the sand and liquid swirling and shifting into clouds, landscapes, oceans, valleys, or mountains. Relaxing anywhere.


  • Double-sided preview: The soothing motion of sands can relieve stress, relax your eyes, and cultivate patience. Watch the mountains and valleys that form in front of your eyes! Relaxing dynamic sand picture: Every time you turn the dynamic sand picture, you will get a different image. Looking at the falling sand and changing landscape scenes, you will feel particularly calm and relaxed!
  • Premium and High Quality: High transparency glass that is as clear crystal as the water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, and the flow out of the pattern of 3D effect is excellent.
  • Multiple Benefits: Moving sand pictures create a new sand picture with each turn. Looking at the ever-changing sand flow, to relieve stress helps to effectively ease eye fatigue, especially suitable for office workers, students, and those who stay for a  long time in front of the computer. NOTE: Since the light and screen are different, there be a slight color difference.
  • Best and Ideal Gift: This Quicksand Painting Living Room Decoration is exactly what you need to decorate your home or office! If you have a hard time buying for yourself, your friends, or your family, you could buy one of these sand art pictures to enjoy!


  • Color: black + transparent
  • Material: plastic + glass
  • Size: 26x27x4.5CM Package

Package Includes:

  • 1PC * Quicksand Painting Living Room Decoration